The Team

We are ReVenture Games!

Yes, we have a cat CEO.

The Team

Marcus "The Dhel" Seyer

Founder, Producer

Marcus is a very vibrant person. Sometimes quite expressive.

You shouldn't wash him with your white socks, they'll turn pink. His brain works in mysterious ways that not even he himself understands most of the time.

His work mostly involves programming, GUI design/programming, sound design, proof-reading and sometimes writing too.

The Team

Natalie "Resulka" Juhasz

Creative Lead

Natalie is Lord High Everything.

She is the greatest, and is extremely humble to boot.
She is the epitome of all your hopes and desires. You love her and want to marry her, but she never says yes.
Instead she will form you and the other suitors into an army and you shall ride into the field of battle against the most deadly of enemies... Evil Unicorns.

We could've just said she does most of the designing, writing, modelling, animating and programming at ReVenture Games, but hey, this sounds WAY cooler, doesn't it?

She also really likes Pineapple.

The Team

Sarin "Shakarlicious" Soghomonian

Project Assistant

Sarin is the checks and balances of our little Studio. She contributes when she can. Scanner by day, beta by night.

Other than that, she is the right hand of Lord High Everything, company mommee, and mostly has her hands full of pussy......her cat Hazel.

In other words, she does a bit of everything and is always making sure we do our work!

The Team

Gabriel, The Cat


Gabriel is 84 in cat years, loud and proud and is ready to steal your seat the moment you get up.