Platonically, Of Course – The Friendship Experiment

A unique blend of simulation and adventure game, Platonically, Of Course will put you in the role of Jess Kim, coordinator at Friendship Matters, a company founded with the goal of bringing people together in a time where we grow more and more apart from each other.

Their newest experiment raises a question: Can a computer form friendships based on people’s profiles? The company says yes, but every computer makes mistakes here and there.. And that’s where you come in!


Jess Kim wearing the mask, allowing to tap into the applicant’s minds.

Help your applicants, and their dates, finding their perfect match.
Through a nifty little device, you are always connected to your applicants and can even read their thoughts during the dates!
Your applicant is at a loss? They need help in a difficult or tricky situation? No problem! Suggest things they could say or do, and observe their stress and excitement levels.

Internal tests of this new technique have been proven to be working well, and this will be the first public test! What could possibly go wrong?