Studio Update – April 2014 – Issue #1


Studio Update – April 2014 – Issue #1


Another month, another studio update! Let’s dive right into it!


  • The game has finally been released on March 12th! We’ve got some awesome feedback from you guys, so thanks for that!
  • We are still updating the game regularly. A few days ago, we updated the game to version 1.0.3, which fixed a line in the game, and also has new high-quality cut-scenes!


  • Resulka is in the process of refining the script. So, it is currently in pre-production.


  • Has been released exactly one day after LORNA0. We have received zero feedback about it so far. Which we take as a sign, that this game is even better than LORNA0. No, not really.


  • We’re making progress on “Messed-Up Mother Goose 2”! Over the last few days, i’ve been writing some of the Look/See Messages for the individual scenes.
  • Release date is still targeted for Q2 2014.


  • Of course, the announcement that the game is in development was an April fools joke. However, we do have plans to make it. And Daventry WILL be in it.


  • “Mmmmm don’t remiiiind me.” – Kabriel Gnight.


On another note, Resulka has a few more Dorcas games planned, to test some more AGS code for LORNA1. As soon as they’re out, we will of course link them on here!

So, that’s our first April update! Whenever something comes up, we’ll update you of course!


– Marcus Seyer, aka. The Dhel – CEO ReVenture Games