Studio Update – April 2016 – Issue #1


Studio Update – April 2016 – Issue #1

Pai ahiahi!

After not posting an update in March, we’re now really getting back into the swing of things. We’ve finalized our plans for 2016/early 2017 and we are very excited to see how it all turns out!

In this update, we are also including a call for voice actor talents, so if you’d like to have a go at it, feel free to send us a demo. More on that in the update below. Sooo here we go!

Subject 33:

  • S33 is coming along well and is in its last leg of programming. The most complicated minigame is implemented and works. Now we’re working on programming the remaining minigames and finalizing the dialogues.
  • Here’s a few screenshots of the game. It’s a rather short game, so these two will do!


  • The projected release date is May 2016.

Cancellation of “ReVenture Jams”, the Adventure Jam 2016 and future projects..

The Reventure Jams were supposed to be short and sweet games/experiences that were to be playable from within your browser without much hassle. However, due to Chrome being now incompatible with the Unity Webplayer and WebGL not providing us with what we need, we decided to remove the Jams page. The games themselves will have their own subpage on here and can be downloaded and played like every other game we released so far.

We will also be participating in the Adventure Jam 2016, beginning in May. Just like last year, we will again have a take on a fairytale story written by Ruth Manning-Sanders, involving a ghost prince, a washer girl, and the prince’s..ghostly desires.


Logo and subtitle subject to change.


A call for voice actors!

We are now looking for a few Voice Actors for current and future games. The only real requirement is a decent microphone. Something that doesn’t crackle, pop horribly and that sounds clear in quality.

If you want to apply for any role, please record a demo of you performing one of the lines below and send it to We’ll listen to your demos and get back to you asap!

Following positions are available:


Subject 33

Joe thought he was having just an average day at work… It turned out to be anything but average. Subject 33 is a game about confusion, the monotony of life and some office work.

Projected Release Date: April/May 2016


  • Joe – Player Character

Joe literally is your “average joe” – Male, North American, 30s to 40s. Any North American accent is welcome.

“…. What was I doing again? … Oh right, we work in an office don’t we?”


The following two characters are actually part of a bigger picture, a long series. Their placement in S33 is very, very short and threads their involvement in this series of games. So while this is role is short, they will get more important as they show up in various upcoming games of ours.


  • Female Scientist

Sounding very put out and despondent, The genius of the two scientists – Late 20s. French/British/Australian accents are welcome.

“Do I look like I care? This could take years to solve. I’m going to start collating all the error reports.”


  • Male Scientist

Deep and concerned. Mid 30s. Australian/New Zealand accents welcome, though try playing it more neutrally toned than stereotypical Australian/New Zealand.

“Well Joe, It was nice knowing you.”


Dropping Out

A conversation experience of an interview between a teacher and a student. This is a prototype for a gameplay element in a much longer game we want to work on, called “Platonically, Of Course”.

Projected Release Date: Q3 2016

The Script for Dropping out hasn’t been finalized yet, but it involves a long conversation with many paths so there will be a lot of lines for each of the following characters.


  • Amy Larkin – Player Character

Female, early 20s, tomboyish, intelligent, shy. She is a student at the University in Wellington, studying Mathematics and physics. All accents welcome.

“I don’t know… What’s the point to anything. How will getting this degree start my life?”


Note: Amy is a main character in a longer game called “Platonically, Of Course”, so this is an ongoing role.


  • Professor Jennifer Pryce

Female, 40+, confident, stylish, math professor. Likes things in its place and has an air of comfortable confidence. She’s everyone’s favourite teacher. All accents welcome.

“I just don’t understand why you did it? … Are you depressed?”


A short “escape the room” style game in a 3D space. A prototype for a gameplay element in “Platonically, Of Course”.

Projected Release Date: Q3/Q4 2016


  • Tristan – Player Character

Male, 20s. Tristan doesn’t remember much, but he wants to get out of the place he woke up in. All accents welcome.

“Hello? … Anyone there?….. HELLOOOOOO!”


  • Georgia

Female, 30s. like Tristan, Georgia doesn’t remember much but she is mistrustful of Tristan and suspicious of things around her. All accents Welcome.

“Who are you? Why have you kidnapped me! You can’t do this! I have rights!”


  • Paul

Male, 30s. Like Tristan and Georgia, Paul doesn’t remember much, but is very calm about the situation. All accents welcome.

“Woah, woah, Chill out. Nothing’s that impossible to fix. We’ll work it out.”


The Matriarch‘s Dowry

The next installment in the Lorna Bains series, to be released in an episodic format.

Projected Release Date: Episode One: Q4 2016

The following roles are for over the course of the entire game, spanning 5 episodes.


  • Narrator

Male or Female, looking for a sort of posh upper crust voice that can range from being pleasantly informative to jovial to excited when the action calls for it. BIG role.

“It’s a direct hit and Keys stumbles back, Blood streaming from his nose! “


  • Mr Keys

Male, Minor Part. Southern grumpy voice 40+ Lorna’s co-worker at a Pawn Shop. Very rough and a rather disgusting person.

„Hrmp. New shipment came in. Boxes need your little neat chicken scratchings.”


  • Victory Tristan

The Matriarch of the Tristan family. 60+ Southern Lady. Sweet and intelligent but has a will of iron if tested.

„SLAP JACK! Haha! I win again! You’ll need to be faster to beat me, Pastor.”


  • Frances Tristan

Sister of Professor Tristan from the prologue chapter. Southern Accent 30+, Deadpan, Sarcastic and suspicious of people.

“Am I supposed to be impressed, Alonso?”


  • Ellena Tristan

Mother of Professor Tristan and Victory’s Sister-in-law. Southern Belle in her 50s. Heavily religious and over the top dramatic.

“Poppycock! You’ve just got to pay more attention to the overall game.”


  • Rafe Dariens

Groom at the wedding Lorna is at. Male Early 20s. Smart, Charismatic but cocky and enigmatic. Think Clark Gable. Not southern.

“If you’d care to drop the semantics. I’m not anyone’s whore.”


  • Richard Dariens

Father of the Groom. Late 40s, Rather slimy in character and thinks he knows everything. Manager and Step-Father of Starlet Gayle Garner. Not Southern.

„Now, let’s talk about the pool cue. You don’t want to be too loose and you don’t want it to be too tight. That’s it. Nice and casual.”


  • Gayle Garner

Step-Sister of the Groom. Starlet of several films, very glamourous and sophisticated but troubled and rather gothic of mood. Mid 30s. Not Southern.

“I don’t think I was ever that innocent.”


  • Marguerite

Cook/Housekeeper for Victory’s Estate. Late 20s, Hispantic. Southern Accent. Suspicious of everyone and everything except Victory.

„This is way too big for that stick figure he brought home. Oh well. In the basket you go!”


  • Detective Bramley Thane

Male 40s, Southern – Met Lorna in the Prologue game. Hard working, Is very suspicious of Lorna because of her father and brother committing the last crime they met during.

“Oh, It’s you. Which of your family have killed someone this time? Or have you stepped up to the plate?”


  • Pastor Robin Brown

50s, 60s. Alcoholic simple minded Pastor staying at the mansion to conduct the wedding. Little greasy and pervy when it comes to the ladies. Southern

“I’m a Pastor not a Priest, my dear. I’m encouraged to wed and bed.”


  • Dr Blank

30+ Male, Plays the Coroner at the end of the game. Any American Accent.

“And why do you think they committed the crime, Miss Bains?”

You successfully read through this studio update, congratulations! We would like to thank all of you guys and gals who said hello to us at GDC ’16! It’s been very interesting talking to all of you and special thanks to those who offered to help us on future projects! We love you long time!

Unfortunately, i won’t be able to attend GDC ‘Eu this year. However i will be at Gamescom and try to push through the masses of gamers 🙂

As always, a big big thank-you goes out to all you guys who support us all the time!

See y’all to the next update!


– Marcus Seyer, aka. The Dhel, Founder ReVenture Games

p.s.: #JoinTheDigitalDream