Studio Update – February 2014 – Issue #1


Studio Update – February 2014 – Issue #1


It’s that time again. That time for a new studio update! Some exciting stuff happened in the last few weeks, so here’s what we are up to!


  • LORNA0 is coming along well! Bugs have been fixed and all most of the animations are now implemented (Some of them are in the process of being fixed up a little..).
  • The intro panels are being drawn by Resulka and should be finished relatively soon™.
  • On Youtube we’ve been asked if there will be any Demo of LORNA0. There won’t be, for the simple reason, that the game is simply too short to make a Demo of it.
  • We’re still targeting a release date of March 2014, in time for GDC ’14.
  • The LORNA0 game site on here has also been updated with new screenshots.


  • LORNA1 is still in pre-production. The script is being fixed up and GUI tests are being done.
  • The three short-games, used to test various scenarios used in LORNA1 are in production, one of which has been finished! More on that later in this update!


  • “Messed-Up Mother Goose 2” is still in development, although it goes a little slow right now. I’m in the process of thinking of the individual scenes, writing dialogs and recording them. While in “Messed-Up Mother Goose” i just cut up the original dialogs from Sierra’s game, the sequel will have all self-recorded voices.
  • The game might slip into Q2 2014..


  • Tests in AGS are being done, such as GUI workings, sprites, etc.
  • Still slated for a late 2014 release.

Our lovely Resulka has recently finished her first game, written in AGS! Appropriately called “The Glass Splinters”. The game is about Dorcas, a rather poor lady, who’s getting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, when, by accident, she has the chance to go to a fancy ball! This is also one of the three shortgames produced, where we test out various techniques to be used in LORNA1. “The Glass Splinters” can be obtained from Resulka’s website, located here!


This is all for now, guys! We will update you as soon as an update!

– Marcus Seyer, aka. The Dhel – CEO ReVenture Games