Studio Update – February 2016 – Issue #1


Studio Update – February 2016 – Issue #1

Halli Hallo!

First of all, a happy (very belated) happy new year! We hope you had a good start of 2016 and we of course wish you all the best for the rest of the year! 🙂

In January, we’ve been getting back into the game-making biz and since then, we’ve got quite a few things done here and there! Soo let me get right to the point.. (DOO DOOP!)


    • The initial Protologue has now been completed and is playable from start to finish! There are a few things that did not turn out the way we planned.. For that reason, we decided not to release it publicly. We did however make a little video where we play through it and share our opinions on it!

  • In addition to this, we are going to make a second Protologue version that we internally call the “VINHOG”. VINHOG simply stands for Visual Novel Hidden Object Game. We don’t have any screenshots to show you of this yet, however..there IS this wonderful mockup that Natalie made.


Should this design work out, the entire Lorna Bains series will be done in that sort of style. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL, BECAUSE…

  • …starting with “The Matriarch’s Dowry”, the series will be turned into episodic titles, with the prologue being the first episode. That prologue will be free, however future episodes will be about $5 each. More info on that as we get closer to finalizing these plans.
  • Lastly, as i promised in the Protologue video, here’s a close-up of all the posters in the Protologue! The first three are painted (Well..traced really..) by me, while Natalie found the last one on the net, and we just loved it so much we decided to use it. So yeah, kudos to Charles Verschuuren, who painted it!
    Please do excuse the weird text on the “Mary Flower” poster. These were never meant to be seen up close, so i just wrote some silly stuff.

Current and future projects!

In other news, we have also launched a little sub-website, called “ReVenture Jams!”. Jams are short and sweet games/experiences that you can play from within your browser! You only need a supported browser (We recommend Firefox) and the Unity Webplayer plugin. You can find the links to that and the games themselves right here:

As for future games…one of them will be Subject 33. It will be the first title in a series of smaller games set in the PointEnergy universe and should have a release in Q1 2016. We don’t want to spoil any of the story, so for now, have this little teaser image.


Aaand that’s another studio update done! In March, you will be able to meet our lovely Natalie and Sarin at GDC 2016 in San Francisco again! Say hello and grab one of our lovely new business cards if you like 🙂

I, Marcus, will be at GDC ‘Eu 2016 in Cologne, Germany in August. I will also have pretty cards with me! ALL the pretty cards.

We would like to say thank you to all you guys who support us all the time! We love having weird conversations with you on the Twitters and we love youuu! We love you long time…

See y’all to the next update!


– Marcus Seyer, aka. The Dhel, Founder ReVenture Games

p.s.: #JoinTheDigitalDream