Studio Update – March 2014 – Issue #1


Studio Update – March 2014 – Issue #1

Guten abend!

This is our first studio update for March 2014! We’ve been quite busy working on things, so let’s get right into it


  • LORNA0 is coming along VERY well! The game is now playable from start to finish, all of the walk animations are implemented, as well as all the sound files!
  • Resulka is currently working on the intro and ending movies. As soon as those are done and implemented, we will have a last short phase of testing the Release Candidate build.
  • We’re good on the time-frame we set ourselves, and we plan to release the game on or before March 12th.


  • “The Day After You Went Away” will be released one day after LORNA0, most likely March 13th. Look at it as a kind of epilogue.


  • LORNA1 is currently in pre-production. We didn’t do much on the script the last few weeks, mostly because we wanted to focus on LORNA0 and BETTY0 completely.
  • I’m currently working on some GUI tests for the game, but nothing is finalized.



  • “Messed-Up Mother Goose 2” is coming along well! The individual scenes are now being worked on. Not much more to report on it.
  • The game will be delayed to Q2 2014, so i have more time to think of weird things to put into the game..


  • “Mmmmm don’t remiiiind me.” – Kabriel Gnight.


Here we go! Now you’re up to speed on what we’ve been up to 😀

We can’t wait to release “The Coming of Age” and please let us know what you think.

As soon as we got our message boards all set-up, they’ll be opened up. Your feedback is important to us after all 😀


– Marcus Seyer, aka. The Dhel – CEO ReVenture Games