Studio Update – May 2014 – Issue #1


Studio Update – May 2014 – Issue #1

Ahoy, mateys!

Here’s our first studio update for May 2014! We have been up to a LOT actually, and made some nice progress on various projects!


  • We decided to upload the source code from LORNA0 and the assets used in-game. You can find the code on our Bitbucket account! Please make sure you read the Readme file included with the code 🙂
  • Recently, some virus scanners have detected both the LORNA0 and BETTY0 Installers. We use NSIS as the installer system, and the detected is a false-positive. We updated the installers for both games and hope they won’t make any problems anymore!


Resulka has been hard at work with organizing and expanding the script for the first act. Additionally, we have added a tutorial to the game, explaining how to use the GUI and the game’s controls. This tutorial will also allow us to test the new GUI we are working on. More about that below.

The GUI has gone through a lot of different design stages so far. This here was one of my first original designs, featuring the “Multibar” on the bottom of the screen.

GUITestThis however proved as no-good after some further tests and mock-ups.  First, the top-bar seemed too big, and together with the Multibar, it only left about 460 pixels for the actual game.

I then thought about how to “hide” the top-bar, while still making it always available to the player. At first, turning the buttons into spheres and making the bar’s background semi-transparent seemed like a good idea.

NewGUIConceptOne night, decided to see what it would look like if we changed the colors to something darker..

MultiBarBut this also did not make sense when we thought about it some more. Resulka then made some concept art of what she would like the GUI to look like.

guiconcept1 guiconcept2 guiconcept3Oh..and there’s this.

BitchesAndHoesInLorna1Anyway. I began to work on a mock-up in Photoshop to show what it could look like ingame. And here’s what the GUI looks like as of now. Note, that the top-left button is of course a placeholder…

MultiBar2 MultiBa3 MultiBar_topic3ActiveOver the next few weeks, we will continue working on the design and the overall workings of LORNA1’s interface!

That’s it for this update! In Issue #2, which will also be posted this month, we will be showing some of the 3D character model bases, and we’ll explain how we plan on using them 🙂


– Marcus Seyer, aka. The Dhel – CEO ReVenture Games