Studio Update – May 2014 – Issue #2


Studio Update – May 2014 – Issue #2


Here’s our second update for may! In this issue, we gonna show you how and why we make the 3D models for LORNA1, and we have a small update on the interface!

Just like LORNA0, this game will use the “paint” style we introduced in the prologue. The 3D models are being used as references only. They make it easier for us to paint the animations and have correct anatomy of the bodies.

To show you what i mean, let’s take a look at Lorna’s original walking sprite from the prologue:

1a_lorna0_walkAs you can see, the legs move very stalely, and her body doesn’t move at all. During the development of LORNA0, Resulka experimented with a 3D reference for painting Lorna. Animating a 3D model is much easier for her, most likely because she actually has a degree in 3D animation.. Here’s what the 3D version of Lorna looked like animated:

1b_lorna0_walk_newHere, the whole body does its thing while she walks. Look at that swagger. Also, look closely at her hands..just saying. The painted-over version never made it into the game, but this is what one frame of it looked like:

1c_lorna_has_boobsSadly we had set ourselves a deadline of an early 2014 release, so we could not implement those sprites in time.

So this is how the idea of 3D references for all the models for LORNA1 was born! Now let’s see what the process is like to make a Lorna 3D model!

First, we start with a reference photo for the head. Lorna’s face is based on this picture of Joan Crawford:

lorna_head_ref_origTo be able to map her face on an actual head model, we had to cut out the rest of her body, and also mirror the right side of her face to her left:

2a_lorna_face_refThis picture we then loaded into program that is capable of turning it into an actual face, with height-mapping and details:

2b_lorna_headAfter fixing up the head a little, the next step was to load it into Poser, the program we use for making the animations for the 3D models. First of all, the head itself has to be attached to a body. This isn’t an easy task, as the following pictures show.. One of them has been resized down, because nightmare fuel alert. Click on it to see it in it’s full glory and beauty..

3c_lorna_attach_we_created_frankenlorna 3d_lorna_you_spin_me_right_round_like_a_record 3e_lorna_head_attachAs you can see, in the last picture, we almost got it correctly attached! You could move her arms without the head being all over the place. After a lot more trial-and-error, the head is now correctly attached to the body, and we moved on to another very important thing: Hair.


Firstly we tried out some generic hair styles on the head, just to see what it would look like:

4a_lorna_hair_testThis was pretty good already, but of course, we have our own ideas of exactly what her hair should look like. So ultimately we had to build the hair ourselves.. Again, not an easy task at first. One of the first self-made hair styles Lorna had was this wonderful, punk-ish hair!

4b_lorna_selfmade_hairYes, this is STILL my most favourite hair-style of all. Anyway, we slowly got the hang of how the tool works, and finally managed to create something we were quite happy with!

4c_lorna_selfmade_hair_so_fabulousThere were of course some flaws still, but we were most impressed with this! Again, after some more experiments with hair, we moved on to yet another very important thing: her dress!

Resulka got herself Marvelous Designer 3, a program that allows her to create clothing items rather simply! After a lot of experimentation (boy, we sure love to experiment!), she came up with a beautiful dress for Lorna! You can really see the resemblance to the dress she wore in the prologue!

5a_lorna_dressIgnore her silly pose. Anyway, here we can already see how Lorna’s custom-made head, custom-made dress and one of the default Poser bodies work together wonderfully! We decided that, for the tutorial, she should wear a different dress though. So Resulka came up with this wonderful re-design:

5b_lorna_tutorial_dress_1And yes, she is posing here rather..seductively. This is due to some problems with the dress and her shoulders, but those have been fixed by now.

After this, her dress got one last color change, the hair got a revisit, and then the time had come to put everything together! And THIS is what Lorna looks like as of now:

5c_lorna_tutorial_dress_final_bitch_im_beautifulIsn’t she beautiful! Yes, she is! The next steps would be to fix up the fitting of the dress, the hair, and the face-posing of course, to give her some expressions.

Oh, speaking of expressions..


Now for a little update on the GUI for LORNA1! The mock-ups have been updated and now look pretty close to the concepts drawn by Resulka:

MultiBar1 MultiBar2 MultiBar3Of course, the fonts and other things in these are subject to change.

So there you go! This is the current state of things regarding “The Matriarch’s Dowry”! We hope to make a lot more progress this month, and we’ll update you as soon as we have something new to show you!

p.s.: About “Messed-Up Mother Goose 2”.. The game will be delayed to an unspecified date. So it’ll be released whenever its done.

Thanks for all your support and until next time!


– Marcus Seyer, aka. The Dhel – CEO ReVenture Games