Studio Update – May 2018


Studio Update – May 2018


Well, it’s May and time for another studio update after a long time (our last one was in August ’17…)

First off, an update on “Ghostly Desires”…It’ll happen. Eventually.

And now on to some new stuff regarding “For Whom The Southern Belle Tolls”, the next game in the Lorna Bains series!

Honestly, not much happened in terms of programming and making new content, which is due to real-life interference. Don’t you hate when that happens? We do, too.

However I’ve been working on refining the UI quite a bit over the last few months. From early on in development, the UI was always this…odd mixture of new-looking and 1930’s esque elements. My work right now consists of streamlining it and making sure it’s somewhat consistent in its appearance.



Really that’s all we got for now. The game WILL be finished…eventually.

As always we really appreciate your continued support! We love you long time <3


– Marcus Seyer, aka. The Dhel, Founder ReVenture Games

p.s.: #JoinTheDigitalDream

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